Social Media (consistent posting – yay!) for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Blogging Solutions, and Editorial Solutions.

Packages start at $300

Bridge Business Coaching

Work with you to determine what you want to do for your bridge business. Put a plan together for starting your bridge business. Work side by side with you to get your business started.

Packages start at $1000/$200

Project Management

Take your idea and put together a project plan with tasks and dates in a project management tool (Asana). Manage the project from start to finish. Create a launch plan – including social media sharing.

Packages start at $200

Graphic Design

Logo design (we can make you an AWESOME logo!), Website Header Images, Social Media Header Images, Custom Graphics, Social Media Post Graphic Packages and Facebook Ad Graphics.

Packages start at $200

What our clients are saying about us...

Caz Makepeace

“Bryanna gives me hope that I can finally take all the ideas swirling around in my head and put them into a systemized process. She’s bringing organisation and calm into my chaotic creative world. I can now see the end of many projects as she’s been able to help me create a road map to finalising them. Plus, she’s great at keeping me on task and does not need a lot of guidance on what needs to be done. Bryanna is also very efficient, energetic, professional and swift at making deadlines. I’m loving working with her and highly recommend her as a Virtual Team Member.”

Caz Makepeace y Travel Blog
Corina Ferreyra

“Bryanna is amazing. I seriously could not run my business without her! In addition to providing stellar administrative work, she has helped to implement systems to make my business run smoother and more efficient. Because of her, I can focus on my business and trust that she’ll take care of all of my tasks that require a high-level attention to detail. If you’re looking for a dedicated VA, I highly recommend her.”

Corina Ferreyra 707AVE
Liz Noell

“Bryanna is quick, efficient, responsive and knows how to find the solutions to anything I give her on my list of To Do’s. I rely on her for all sorts of projects and if she doesn’t know the answer she finds it. She’s honest, trustworthy, straightforward and “take charge”…she’s all the best traits to have in a VA, all rolled into one.”

Liz Noell Elizabeth Noell
Gino Alia

“Bryanna and Craig continue to impress.  We were looking for personal attention to help manage and improve our practice.  They exceeded our expectations in the both the quality of their work and their responsiveness.”

Rosemary Swade

“I have found Bryanna to be delightful to work with. Her social media “know how” and suggestions have been invaluable. I have enjoyed working with her and appreciate her professionalism and suggestions.”

Rosemary Swade The Happy Traveler US
Chris Becker

“Bryanna has gone above and beyond when it comes to updates and keeping in touch with our social media!”

Chris Becker Cookinpellets


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Meet the team

Bryanna Royal

Bryanna Royal

Virtual Team Member

Head Virtual Team Member (I don’t like Virtual Assistant because I feel like a good VA is so much more part of your team than just an assistant – so I am going to call myself a Virtual Team Member!). Driven, Determined, Persistent, I get stuff done!  Need I say more?!

Craig Royal

Craig Royal

Technical Specialist

Hey.  I’m the technical specialist.  Here to help with any issues that may arise. I’ve been in I/T for over 13 years now mainly focusing on database administration and application development.  I’m pretty laid back and easy to work with.  

Megan Jurvis

Megan Jurvis

Graphic Designer

With 10 years of professional design experience, I have the skills and vision to take your idea and turn it into something special. More importantly, I am notoriously easy to work with, creative, efficient and nice.


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