Brilliant Online Financial Apps

6 Financial Apps to help you stay on top of your business

Finances – what app should I use for that??

Keeping on top of your finances as a small business owner can be challenging in today’s times, to say the least. The good news is that there are a number of quite powerful apps available online to help you stay on top of things. Let’s have a look at a handful of the best ones available. There are dozens available across a range of platforms.

If you want to create customized and impressive price quotes for your clients then consider Quote Base. You can add your own logo, create quotes fast, track estimates, invite other members of your team and produce good looking PDFs to send out to your clients. This app supports multiple different currencies and is free to use.

Current cost: Has a free trial and then starts at $25 a month

Simply Invoices is meant to work seamlessly with a project that’s managed in Basecamp. As the name suggests it’s a simple process to create invoices related to the time that you log against the project in Basecamp. Invoices can be downloaded as PDFs and you can also create templates to enable you to quickly and easily create your invoices in the future.

Current Cost: FREE

Xero is one of the slickest online accounting apps available today. It’s a combination of accounting, billing, banking and invoicing functionality. You’re able to see graphically what your cash flow looks like at any point in time. There’s a function to enable you to download your bank feeds automatically and the product has quickly grown in popularity, boasting more than 200,000 users in 100 different countries.

Current cost: Starts at $9 a month

If you’re looking for an app to help you manage your finances in your small business consider Outright. You can import all your data from existing accounts elsewhere, making it easy to set up. When linked to your accounts the app will update the figures overnight and will automatically put the transactions under different categories. When it comes to tax time all of the information will be ready for you to process.

Current cost: $9.99 a month

Looking for a complete package when it comes to financial management? Pulse may be your solution. While they have a limited free plan, other plans start at a reasonable $14 per month. Functionality includes multiple different cash flow views, income and expense tracking, project categories and an extensive reporting suite.

Current cost: Starts at $14 a month

If you find that your expenses are all over the place when it’s time to account for them consider Expensify. You will be prompted to photograph receipts and upload them into the system, where they can be matched to credit card transactions if applicable. Incorporated tools allow you to analyse the expenses, track business mileage and more.

Current cost: Starts at $5 a month

Are there any other financial apps that you would add to the list? Comment below and tell us!